About us

So why an A to B agency?

Well, A is a great place. But human beings can’t resist leaving it and heading over to B. And they also can’t help inventing new ways of doing it. Doing it better. Doing it cleaner. Doing it faster. And even doing it more enjoyably. And the world needs an agency to tell everyone about these cool new things. And to get them excited about them.

And that’s what April Six do.

Humans are having to change the way they move around this beautiful, precious, fragile planet. And change always needs ‘selling’. By bright, expert people committed to making a difference. People who use the latest data, the most informed strategic planning and emotionally intelligent creativity, to ‘sell’ the future of mobility.

You see, we’re not talking about a human race. We’re talking about a human journey. And April Six are helping our clients and their customers make that journey.

From A to…well, you know where.

What we do

Everything under one April Six roof.















Direct & CRM

Direct & CRM



Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Reward & Recognition

Reward & Recognition



Meet the team

Our whole team ethos is built on three key values – being curious, being fearless and being one. Together, as a diverse and galvanised group, we ask the questions others don’t dare to, and boldly produce the solutions others can’t get to. We call it making moments that matter. And we can do it for you.

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Andy Orritt

Andy Orritt Studio and Traffic Manager

Alix Gardner

Alix Gardner Copywriter

Damian Scott

Damian Scott Creative Director

James Coogan

James Coogan Senior Digital Designer

David Dent

David Dent Planning Director

Helen Khamoian

Helen Khamoian Account Director

Henry Debenham

Henry Debenham Client Services Director

Jonny Browning

Jonny Browning Account Director

Megan Howden

Megan Howden Digital Delivery Manager

Pedro Cremades

Pedro Cremades Social Media Manager

Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton Head of Development

Lucy Lofthouse

Lucy Lofthouse Finance and Operations Director

Marina Guirey

Marina Guirey Senior Planner

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith Managing Director

Luke Fowell

Luke Fowell Digital Director

Wayne Jordan

Wayne Jordan Associate Creative Director

Fiona Sinclair-Kirk

Fiona Sinclair-Kirk Account Executive

Laura Singleton

Laura Singleton Senior Account Director

Pamela Williams

Pamela Williams Group Account Director

Adam Field

Adam Field Account Director

Megan Simpkins

Megan Simpkins Account Manager

Sarah March

Sarah March Digital Marketing Executive

Jon Adams

Jon Adams Lead Full Stack Developer

James Lasbury

James Lasbury Data Insight Manager

Maddison Forbes-Sinclair

Maddison Forbes-Sinclair Account Executive

Ryan Tabor

Ryan Tabor Head of Motion

Aaron Cork

Aaron Cork Digital Marketing Production Manager

Emma Witchard

Emma Witchard Account Manager

Faye Prince

Faye Prince Senior Account Director

Hayley Harris

Hayley Harris Account Manager

Sean Millard

Sean Millard Senior Artworker

Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill Back End Developer

Amba Trevett

Amba Trevett Account Manager

Declan Kinsella

Declan Kinsella Marketing Campaign Assistant

Francesca Holden

Francesca Holden Account Administrator

John Tilley

John Tilley Full Stack Developer

Shane Kellard

Shane Kellard Account Manager

Tiff Hibberd

Tiff Hibberd Account Executive

Tommy Carter

Tommy Carter Junior Graphic Designer

Interested in joining the team? Send us an email
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